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Dr. Kaan Altan, Clinical Psychologist

My name is Dr Kaan Altan. I am a highly-skilled, compassionate, and experienced Clinical Psychologist providing psychological assessments and effective evidence-based psychological therapy for various mental health difficulties. My goal is to help you gain valuable insights, coping strategies, and tools to navigate your challenges and improve your overall mental health and well-being.


Whether you face specific difficulties or seek personal growth and self-discovery, I am here to support you on your journey towards a happier and more fulfilling life.


Take the first step towards positive change and begin your path towards mental health and emotional wellness today.

Kaan Altan Clinical Psychologist Stratford London
Healing starts with one simple question: What happened to you?

People seek therapy for many reasons, and it's important to know that professional help is available for anyone who needs support. Whether you are facing a specific mental health issue, experiencing a life transition, or simply feeling like something is "off", therapy can provide valuable tools and insights to navigate challenges, improve well-being, and enhance personal growth.

I am here to help.​

I am able use a range of therapies depending on the issues you are dealing with, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment approach for a range of mental and emotional health issues, including anxiety and depression.

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) can help people who have difficulty with emotional regulation and feel emotions very intensely. In addition, if you are experiencing difficulty in making and maintaining relationships, DBT provides strategies on learning how to be effective in asking for what you need, saying no and in dealing with conflicts in relationships whilst maintaining your self-respect.

  • Eye Movement and Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), which can help the brain process distressing memories. This reduces their influence and allows patients to develop ways to more effectively get on with their life.

Which type of therapy we utilise will depend on your particular circumstances, and it may be necessary to use a combination of therapies in order to help. All interventions are informed by scientific research and are in line with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

For more information about the types of therapy I use, click below.

  • Manage your low mood and overcoming depression

  • Coping with low self-esteem & imposter experience

  • Overcome trauma and PTSD | Learning to manage nightmares & flashbacks

  • Problems with sleep & insomnia

  • Steps to become more mindful | Mindfulness meditation

  • Emotion regulation skills | Improving relationships

  • Develop skills in managing anger

  • Coping with self-isolation & loneliness

  • Coping with stress | Excessive worry | Difficulties tolerating uncertainty

  • Overcoming procrastination & perfectionism

  • Coping with panic attacks | Agoraphobia

  • Decreasing rumination and learning to live in the moment 

  • Learning to be more assertive

  • Overcoming body-image problems

  • Managing episodes of low mood and mania 

  • Developing self-compassion

  • Managing dissociation and detachment

  • Understanding and managing worries about health 

  • Difficulties associated with hoarding

  • Managing obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) | Managing intrusive thoughts

  • Overcoming phobias | Emetophobia

  • Coping with paranoia, hearing voices & unusual beliefs 

  • Overcoming skin picking & hair pulling

  • Overcoming social anxiety

How Does A Psychological Assessment Work?

A psychological assessment is the process of collecting information together to develop an overall understanding of you - your past experiences, present problems, and future goals.

Psychological Assessment (information gathering)

Psych Assessment UK

During the initial sessions, we would work together to explore your current challenges and establish your goals for therapy. Additionally, I may request you to complete specific psychological questionnaires to further evaluate your difficulties. We will try to understand the reasons why you are struggling, distressed or feeling stuck and try to make sense of your experiences. 

Psychological Formulation (putting it all together)

Psychological Formulation

Working on a formulation is like two people putting together a jigsaw. Like with a jigsaw, how long it takes to complete a formulation depends on how many pieces there are and how complicated the 'picture' is. Once the pieces are put together, the formulation can be used to explore the best way forward and decide what changes you want in your life.

Psychological Therapy 
(moving forward)

Balancing Body and Mind Through Psychotherapy

Following assessment and formulation, we will agree on a treatment plan and approximate number of sessions; this will be regularly reviewed. I use an integrated, collaborative approach to therapy, drawing on a range of evidence-based therapeutic models (including CBT, DBT, & EMDR), tailored to suit your unique needs.

I am Dr. Kaan Altan, Clinical Psychologist in London providing online psychological assessments and a wide range of evidence-based therapy modalities, tailored to your individual needs.

I am a Clinical Psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council  (HCPC) as well as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist registered with the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).

Dr. Kaan Altan, London Psychology Clinic
Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if you're the right therapist?

I offer a complimentary, no-obligation 20-minute consultation to all prospective clients who are considering engaging in therapy. This is a space for us to chat and discuss your needs and for you to ask any questions you may have. The consultation happens over the online platform Microsoft Teams.

When are you available for therapy and where are you located?

My private practice clinic days are Tuesdays and Fridays. However, I plan to increase my days to see more private patients in the coming months. I am based in London but I only currently offer online appointments. 

How do I book an appointment?

Please get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can email me on

How long will the appointments last?

Your first appointment will last approximately 60 minutes. This session usually informs later therapeutic sessions, but it can also be offered as a one-off consultation. Follow-up appointments will last 50 minutes.

Will anyone need to know I'm coming to see you?

The service offered is entirely confidential. It is against the ethical code of conduct to discuss clients or their details in any way with any other person. There are two exceptions: 

  • Professional Supervision: I have regular supervision with another clinical psychologist as required in our code of conduct. I will discuss clients in these sessions in order for the supervisor to support the therapy offered and so ensure clients are receiving the best possible care. All supervision discussions are, however, anonymous. 

  • Risk: Should any clients disclose information to me that indicates either they or another person are at risk of serious harm, we have a duty to disclose this information to a pertinent third party (e.g., GP, Social Services, next of kin if under age 16, etc.). However, I will never make any such disclosures without informing the client in the first instance. 

How do I go about cancelling an appointment?

Appointments cancelled by email more than 24 hours beforehand (not including weekends) are not charged. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or non-attendance will be charged at the full rate because it is then difficult to offer the appointment to another client.

How much does a session cost?

Individual sessions: £120 per 50 minute session.

All fees are payable in advance of the session.

Can I arrange treatment through my health insurance?

To claim under your insurance policy, you must have a pre-authorisation code to start your treatment. Please be aware that you are responsible for paying any insurance excess.


I accept clients using the following insurers:

  • Aviva

  • Axa PP

  • Aetna 

  • BUPA 

  • Cigna and Evernorth

  • Vitality

  • WPA

Client Testimonials

Kaan set clear expectations upfront and was very thorough and structured throughout our sessions. I also appreciated that be brought various forms of therapy to the table (CBT, EMDR, etc) as each proved effective at different points. I recommend Kaan for anyone who likes a direct approach with specific tools, exercises and a structured approach to different methods. Thanks Kaan!

I wanted to say thank you for my appointment the other day. As much as it was tough and I know it is going to be hard work, you were welcoming and kind and I felt heard for the first time. Thank you for creating a safe space, I am looking forward to working with you to get better.

I have been very fortunate to have had an EMDR therapy by Kaan. He came into my life just when I needed it most. I was struggling with PTSD and depression since my early twenties, and I convinced myself that I will never get better, that all that I can do is try to find ways to cope, somehow, to have some kind of normal life. Kaan helped me realise that old memories are past events and that they should not affect building of new, happy memories. He helped me process several very painful memories by showing outstanding amounts of compassion, understanding, kindness, patience, and encouragement. He has a heart of gold and is a ray of light that is needed for people like me. I feel that he has shown me the ways of freeing myself from chains of my past and to look forward. In my life I have only come across a small number of people that had truly influenced me in a way that it is life changing, and Kaan is one of them.

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